Publication: Who edits Wikipedia on health, and what motivates them to do it?

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Edit This Page of Wikipedia

Wikipedia has become one of the most accessed online sources of health information, with over 25,000 articles pertaining to health in English alone. Wikipedia’s health content is used by the public, but also by medical students, physicians and other health care professionals - around 5 billion page views in 2013. But if Wikipedia is the encyclopaedia that anyone can edit, who is actually creating this material, and why?

CHIME Hosts Kazakh Government Delegation

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Kazakh Government Delegation

Friday November 27th saw CHIME host a delegation from the government of the Republic of Kazakhstan on day five of a six-day fact-finding mission.

Publication: The design of a survey questionnaire to measure perceptions and behaviour during an influenza pandemic: the Flu TElephone Survey Template (FluTEST)

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NHS Health Informatics Trainees Conference and Networking Event

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Students and staff networking

A group of students from the NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme, whose professional training includes studying health informatics at UCL, has organised a conference and networking event to raise awareness and help develop the future of health informatics. 

Health & Medical Sciences January Intake Open for Applications

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The UCL Graduate Programme in Health & Medical Sciences (HMS), which allows students maximum flexibility in devising their own curriculum, is now accepting application for start in January 2015.

Publication: A short generic patient experience measure: howRwe development and validation.

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A paper, published on October 22nd in BMC Health Services Research, describes the development and validation of howRwe, a short generic questionnaire for tracking patient experience (Benson T, Potts HWW (2014). A short generic patient experience measure: howRwe development and validation. BMC Health Services Research, 14, 499.) doi:10.1186/s12913-014-0499-z.

UCL Announces New Fast-Track Postgraduate Diploma and MSc in Health Informatics

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The UCL Graduate Programme in Health Informatics is now accepting applications from individuals wishing to complete a Postgraduate Diploma or MSc in Health Informatics in a single academic year.

UCL CHIME Reappointed to Train Future NHS Informatics Managers

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Following a competitive tender process, UCL CHIME has been reappointed to deliver formal academic training - via admission to the UCL Graduate Programme in Health Informatics - to trainees on the NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme (GMTS).

UCL hosts HL7 UK Summer School

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HL7 UK Summer School

Monday 14th and Tuesday 15th July saw UCL host the 2014 HL7 Summer School, at which 23 participants from across the UK's health IT industry and healthcare organisations learned about the latest advances in interoperability and standards. The event, a joint collaboration between HL7 UK, UCL and the University of Leeds, was taking place at UCL for the second year running.

Health & Medical Sciences Student Wins ESTRO33 Poster Competition

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Poster: Reduced PTV margins for prostate IMRT with daily online IGRT: a retrospective analysis

In April 2014, Hayley Chesham, one of the first students to enrol on UCL's new flexible Graduate Programme in Health & Medical Sciences, and in clinical life Research & Development Lead Dosimetrist at Cancer Partners UK, was awarded the prize for her poster entitled Reduced PTV margins for prostate IMRT with daily online IGRT: a retrospective analysis.

New Qualification: Health & Medical Sciences (Quality, Information & Safety)

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Publication: Primary total knee replacement as an example of predicting length of stay from electronic patient record system data

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A paper, published on April 4th in BMC Medical Informatics & Decision Making, shows how hospital length of stay can be modelled using data available in an electronic patient record system, using primary total knee replacements as an example (Carter EM, Potts HWW (2014). “Predicting length of stay from an electronic patient record system: A primary total knee replacement example.” BMC Medical Informatics & Decision Making, 14, 26. doi:10.1186/1472-6947-14-26).

January Intake Approved for Graduate Programme in Health & Medical Sciences (HMS)

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January 2014 APPROVED

The UCL Graduate Programme in Health & Medical Sciences has received approval for two entry points each year: September and January. As a result, this innovative and flexible programme can accept student applications until the end of November 2013 to start in January 2014.

"Patient Safety, Law Policy and Practice" Published in Paperback

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April 12th 2013 witnessed a comparatively rare event in scholarly publishing, when Patient Safety, Law Policy and Practice was published in paperback by Routledge.

BMJ Editorial: Caldicott 2 and Patient Data

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The British Medical Journal (BMJ) of April 24th 2013 includes an Editorial written by Dr Paul Taylor, Reader in  Health Informatics at UCL CHIME, discussing and summarising the new Information Governance Review known as "Caldicott 2", its background and implications.

UCL Joins the European Connected Health Alliance

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UCL has, through CHIME, become a Partner in the European Connected Health Alliance, an initiative spanning government, healthcare, industry and academia that delivers leadership for the development of Connected and MHealth markets and practice across Europe and beyond.

UCL CHIME is Early Contributor to New Health Informatics Online Resource

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Dipak Kalra on webcam

One dark Thursday night in December saw Professor Dipak Kalra, Director of UCL CHIME, at home in front of a webcam, being interviewed online by American health informatician Tim Cook and taking live questions from around the world.

Professor Dipak Kalra takes up Presidency of the EuroRec Institute

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Dipak Kalra, clinical professor of health informatics and Director of UCL CHIME, has taken up the position of President of the EuroRec Institute, an independent not-for-profit organisation that promotes the use of high quality Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems across Europe.

2012 European Summit on Trustworthy Reuse of Health Data – plenary sessions now available on YouTube

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In May 2012 the Director of UCL CHIME, Professor Dipak Kalra, joined other European and international academic, public health, industry, government and user representatives in Brussels to take forward the process of developing guidelines for trustworthy reuse of health data.

David Ingram appointed Emeritus Professor of Health Informatics at UCL

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David Ingram and 15 Years of CHIME - large

UCL CHIME is pleased to announce the conferment upon David Ingram of the title Emeritus Professor of Health Informatics at UCL, in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the University and to the discipline of health informatics.

"Patient Safety, Law Policy and Practice"

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Patient Safety, Law Policy and Practice

Pippa Bark’s book, co-edited with John Tingle, a lawyer from Nottingham, has just been published by Routledge. (Link: Amazon)

Ethnicity and academic performance in medicine

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UK trained doctors and medical students from minority ethnic groups tend to underperform academically compared with their white counterparts, according to a new study by UCL academics.

Uptake of flu vaccine among healthcare workers

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Flu poster

Vaccination is an effective way to prevent flu and minimise the spread of an epidemic or a pandemic. However, uptake of vaccination is often poor, as a team at UCL including CHIME's Dr Henry Potts have previously described in a study of the 2009 swine flu pandemic (Rubin, Potts & Michie, 2010, Health Tech Assessment, 14(34): 183-266).

Open Source, Open Standards, and Health Care Information Systems

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Dr Carl Reynolds, who is currently studying for an MSc in Health Informatics at CHIME, and Prof. Jeremy Wyatt, who himself used to teach on the same MSc course, have co-written a paper just published in the Journal of Medical Informatics Research (J Med Internet Res 2011;13(1):e24).

howRU, a new short generic measure of health status

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A new paper in Informatics in Primary Care (Evaluation of a new short generic measure of health status: howRU, 2010; 18:89-101) describes the development and testing of a new generic tool for measuring health-related quality of life.

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