CDB Seminars
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All Seminars are held in the Gavin De Beer Lecture Theatre, Anatomy Building, Thursday 1-2pm (unless otherwise stated)

Thursday 9 July: midday-2.40pm

Host: Yoshiyuki Yamamoto

Room 249, 2nd Floor, Medical Sciences Building, Gower Street

12.00pm  Heather Steele-Stallard: “Human iPS cell-based platforms for disease modelling and therapy screening for laminopathies”
12.15pm  Terry Felton: “Regulation of asymmetric neurogenesis in C. elegans
12.30pm  Marcus Ghosh: “Assigning Behavioural and Neurodevelopmental Functions to Autism-associated Genes”
12.45pm  Giulia Ferrari: “Towards a genomic integration-free, iPS cell and human artificial chromosome-based therapy for Duchenne muscular dystrophy”
1.00pm  Michele Sammut: “Mystery cells in C.elegans: Sex, Glia transdifferation and Learning”
1.15pm  Johanna Buchler: "The Wnt co-receptor LRP6 and synapse regulation".

1.40pm  Renato Martinho: “The Asymmetric Habenula of Zebrafish: from Transcriptome to Behaviour”
1.55pm  Alex Fedorec: “Plasmid persistence: balancing plasmid stability and host competitiveness”
2.10pm  Maryam Khosravi: "Investigating novel genetic associations with ciliopathy in the zebrafish"
2.25pm  Marc Williams: “Identification of neutral tumour evolution across cancer types”

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Translation and Business Opportunities

The UCL Research Department of Cell and Developmental Biology aims to foster the conversion of scientific results into intellectual property amenable to development and application.


The department has already established a good record of technology transfer, commercial interest and collaboration.  Department strengths are in Cell and Developmental Biology, Neurobiology, Regeneration and Stem Cells. These strengths enable us to offer a commercial partner access to a broad skill base and to new research areas

Interested commercial partners should contact the Business Development Manager, at UCL Business PLC.

UCL Business encourages and supports the commercialisation of knowledge from UCL. We aim to help academics develop their ideas with a view to translating those ideas into patents and other intellectual property.

UCL Business also provides a range of services to UCL colleagues, including;

  • identification, protection and licensing intellectual property (IP)
  • advice and help in setting up a new ‘spin-out’ company
  • links to industry
  • provision of seed funds and links to organisations providing further funding
  • Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs)
  • Confidentiality Agreements (CDAs)

It’s important to note that the inventor, their department and UCL financially benefit from commercialisation of research, as well as the general public and the UK economy as a whole.

For more information please contact

UCL Business

Email: info@uclb.com

UCLB Key contacts: http://www.uclb.com/content/contact/keycontacts/

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Connecting Business with Research

MTA agreements

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