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Course developments - interdisciplinary modules

23 November 2011

We have had a superb response from the UCL community for elective interdisciplinary modules for the 2nd year of the Core of Arts and Sciences BASc.

These modules will be taught by some of our leading researchers and teachers. The interest in developing and teaching these undergraduate modules reflects the interest among UCL academics, researchers and teachers in what Arts and Sciences is doing for undergraduates - both in terms of their academic and intellectual development and in terms of what we think is relevant for the future lives of our students.

The modules we will be running include:

  • The Study of Cities - from a network, social, historical, architectural and engineering point of view
  • Epidemiology - addressing both the scientific/quantitative aspects of this area and the important social and political consequences of the social determinants of health, as studied by Prof Sir Michael Marmot at UCL
  • Visualisation of Data - in which students will address flourishing areas of the graphical and visual representation of large data sets whilst also learning the computer language Processing. This module combines both humanities and sciences
  • The Science of Materials - and the impact of materials on cultures and technological development. We will take an archaeological and anthropological view, combined with rigorous science, and work right up to modern times and the impact of bio-tissues and silicon-based materials
  • Migration and Health - the impact of social movements and migration on the health of populations and individuals, taking a multidisciplinary approach involving sociology, politics, cultural studies, geography and others
  • Energy - a broad approach to energy studies and sustainability, building on year 1 knowledge in Sciences and Engineering. This module is delivered by UCL's renowned Energy Institute

The goal of these interdisciplinary modules is to provide students with the insight and knowledge that accompanies these cutting-edge areas, whilst guiding them to build on techniques they have learnt in their year 1 courses, both on the Pathways, and in the Core.

Full details to follow on the main site - for these and other interdisciplinary modules -  later in the year.