DECIDE for UCL Staff and Students


Connecting UCL to London’s thriving startup scene and supporting the university’s digital developments.


Your doorway into London’s digital startup scene, UCL DECIDE connects you to the entrepreneurs building the next generation of apps and digital businesses, giving you first access to their innovations and opportunities for work experience.

App Lab

Try tomorrow’s apps today with exclusive access before they’re available in public app stores. Many have localised offers for you to make the most of student life without spending your whole loan, and if you find an app you love you can connect directly with those behind it to gain hands-on work experience as their App Ambassador. Find out more about App Lab.

UX Lab & Device Lab

If you’re working on your own project we can make sure it’s a success beyond your bedroom with free user experience consultancy and testing across London’s largest open device library.

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Through UCL DECIDE you can connect and collaborate with businesses at the forefront of technical innovation to promote and extend your department’s activities.

App Lab

App Lab supports mobile learning, specialist research and the growth of London’s digital businesses. Promote your department’s activities to boost engagement, keep up-to-date on your peers’ latest work, and extend the reach of your research programmes and trials.

UX Lab & Device Lab

Looking to test digital developments? UCL DECIDE can help. We have experts in user trials, connections to those pushing innovation in business, and London’s largest device library to support UCL’s staff.

Find out more in UCL DECIDE for businesses.

To find out more get in touch via or @UCLdecide