Summer Internship Programme

A great opportunity for students who want to gain work experience over the summer at a small-to-medium enterprise.

Fancy boosting your CV with an exciting summer internship at a small-to-medium enterprise?

Work experience is vital for gaining knowledge and confidence, experience for your CV and an advantage in the job market.

UCL Advances’ Summer Internship Programme (SIP) can put you leaps and bounds ahead of the competition when it comes to professional development and applying for jobs. It offers 100 students the chance to work for SMEs across London for eight weeks in the summer. It’s a brilliant opportunity to gain in-depth work experience and pick up entrepreneurial know-how directly from business owners.

Full-time internships receive a tax-free training allowance of £250 a week and are open to UCL students across all disciplines or very fresh graduates (students due to finish their course this summer).

What is an SME?

An SME is a Small or Medium-sized Enterprise, defined as employing fewer than 250 people – it can include start-ups, social enterprise and charities. New and upcoming businesses are often defined as SMEs, and they are important employers of new and recent graduates.

Why work for an SME?

If you’ve never thought about working for an SME, or even setting up your own business, SIP will give you a taste of what it’s like.

"Coming out of UCL as a fresh-faced graduate, the process of finding a job as a stepping stone into the ‘real world’ seemed like a daunting task, with little guidance along the way. The UCL Advances internship scheme is the much-needed bridge between university and the workplace, as it provides the ideal chance to navigate from student life into the working world"

Issariya Udomritkul, BSc (Hons) Anthropology on accepting a permanent position at her host company

“The experience was incredibly useful and provided me with invaluable media and communications experience. As a result of my scheme, I have been able to secure an internship at the British Council’s political and cultural affairs think-tank, working in media and communications – this has been one of my long-term ambitions.”

Ari Magnusson, MSc International Public Policy, explaining the impact of his placement

The Summer Internship Programme is now closed for 2014. For more information and to express your interest in the 2015 Summer Internship Programme, please email