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Representing Technical, Scientific and Specialist Medical Support Staff at University College London, School of Pharmacy, Institute of Education, Royal Institution of Great Britain

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Amicus, UCU and UNISON heading for dispute with UCL over changes to redundancy pay scheme - click here for details

UCL unilaterally changes redundancy payments scheme to severe detriment of staff with 5 or more years service - click here for details


Welcome to the website of
Amicus University College London Branch.

The site has recently been revamped, and some pages are still under construction.

3 Reasons you should join Amicus:


It is currently the second largest trade union in the UK, with 1.2 million members. This means that we have the weight of numbers and resources to ensure that our members' voices are heard. Currently we are in discussions relating to a possible merger with the Transport & General Workers Union, which could lead to a union of over 2 million members, making us the largest trade union in the UK.


The Framework Agreement has been the biggest change affecting university staff for decades. Amicus successfully negotiated to protect your interests, and to improve terms and conditions of employment for all staff.


Amicus is the union with the greatest experience of job evaluation, so is in the best position to represent and advise you on grading reviews.


Amicus offers  a range of services to its members. These include:


advice on employment issues, health and safety, learning/training opportunities from experienced workplace representatives


representation at disciplinary, grievance, sickness absence, capability and appeals procedures and on other issues


legal advice on employment and personal matters (provided by Head Office)


a range of discounted financial and insurance products and access to free financial advice


advice relating to the Job Evaluation and preparing for grading reviews


free help with personal injury claims

We also negotiate nationally and locally to get a fair deal on your pay and terms & conditions of employment.

For more information about our activities, please read through the rest of the pages on the site.


Tamsin Piper
Branch Secretary