March 2022: Dinner with group members to celebrate Mengru's successful PhD upgrade; Kai, Francois, Selman, Mengru, Fan and Ozgur

February 2022: Dinner with group members to celebrate the New Year; Kai, Francois, Ozgur, Selman, Fan and Mengru

May 2021: Group photo; Selman, Francois, Kai, Ozgur, Fan and Mengru

May 2021: Dinner with group members after the lockdown; Mengru, Fan, Francois, Selman, Kai and Ozgur

October 2020: Group photo; Mengru, Ozgur, Kai, Selman

July 2020: Socially distanced group picnic at Kew Gardens; Selman, Ozgur, Kai

December 2019: Saying goodbye to Rafa, who visited us for 3 months from Sofia Calero's group; Selman, Rafa, Kai, Ozgur

October 2019: EuroMOF 2019; Ozgur, Selman, Kai

August 2019: Celebrating Aydin's successful PhD viva and saying goodbye to Sada; Sada, Kai, Aydin, Ben, Ozgur, Selman

April 2019: Group photo; Ozgur, Ben, Sada, Aydin, Kai and Selman


April 2019: Yazaydin research group at the MOFSIM2019 Conference, Ghent, Belgium; Ben, Aydin, Selman, Ozgur, Sada and Kai


March 2019: Celebrating Selman and Kai's PhD upgrades; Aydin, Ben, Ozgur, Kai, Sada, Selman


February 2019: Celebrating Ben's successful PhD viva; Isil, Kai, Naghmeh, Ben, Ozgur, Selman, Aydin, Sada


September 2018: Prof Thijs Vlugt and his research group visited us for a joint workshop.


April 2018: Yazaydin research group members enjoying the accidental April sunshine in London; Ozgur, Ben, Kai, Sada, Aydin and Selman


April 2018: Group photo; Ben, Ozgur, Sada, Kai, Selman and Aydin


December 2017: Celebrating Naghmeh and Isil's successful PhD vivas; Ozgur, Naghmeh, Sada, Kai, Isil, Ben, Aydin, Ximo, Selman


November 2017: Yazaydin research group at the EuroMOF 2017 meeting; Ozgur, Aydin, Selman, Ben


May 2017: Group photo; Aydin, Ben, Selman, Ozgur, Isil and Naghmeh


April 2017: Yazaydin research group at the 2017 British Zeolite Association meeting; Ozgur, Isil, Naghmeh, Aydin, Ben


March 2017: Lunch to celebrate Ben's PhD upgrade; Naghmeh, Aydin, Ozgur, Isil, Ben, Fabian, Selman




July 2016: We are celebrating Naghmeh and Isil's PhD upgrade; Aydin, Ben, Isil, Fabian, Ozgur, Naghmeh


April 2016: Group photo; Ben, Ozgur, Aydin, Naghmeh and Isil


February 2016: UCL Chemical Engineering Ramsay Society dinner; Ben, Isil and Ozgur



February 2016: 10th TYC Anniversary Symposium; Aydin and Dan Frenkel


October 2014: From Left to right; Ben, Isil, Ozgur, Ibrahim and Naghmeh