Spiral Stairs

A cool right-handed spiral staircase in the center of our old lab.

Lab 101

Our lab had the classic academic imprimatur.

Lab move photo

Guliz, Jason, and Ida, in good spirits before we move to a temporary lab. In 6 months, we will return to brand new lab space!

christmas party

Year End Lab celebration with the Whitmore lab: English Christmas meets Brazillian BBQ.

Sabine and LauraSabine and Laura, holiday party 2014
Alessandro and IdaAlessandro and Ida, holiday party 2014
celebrating Sabine's fellowshipCelebrating a fellowship

Rihel Lab presents the 2015 UCL Neuroscience poster.

Rihel Lab

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camera Photos

Congrats to Dr Marcus Ghosh, PhD!!!

Dr. Reichert defends her poster at ZeeBrain 2018, Brighton

Jason introduces David Prober's special lecture, 2018


sleep mode on

The printer knows its place. "Sleep Mode On"

Real Rihel

A guide to proper pronunciation.


Emily_SabineRihel Lab holiday dinner, 2015.

Guliz birthday

Guliz Birthday party panorama, 2015.

Celebrating the Neuron Double! Feb 2016

Dr. Barlow hold court Jason pours

Congrautlations to Dr. Ida Barlow on her successful VIVA!



marcus speaks

Marcus Ghosh Speaks, 2017



Lab Sushi Dinner, 2018



Lab Poster Presentations, 2016

Ida Barlow graduation

Dr Hawkins, Dr Barlow, and Dr Rihel.

Dr Barlow's graduation ceremony, 2018


Rihel at CosyScience

Jason Rihel gives an informal talk, "I'll Sleep While I Live" at the Exmouth Arms pub for Cosy Science.

He is presented with the Cosy Science owl, made out of recycled materials.


Laura, Sabine, and Marcus in front of our winning lab poster, a contest at the 2014 UCL Neuroscience symposium.



fish cakes embryos-candyida-jason

Celebrating Dr. Rihel's birthday with fish cakes by Ida Barlow.





Bowling Party to celebrate Poster Prize!

LiamLiam presents his undergraduate project poster.

lab party 2015

Rihel Lab holiday dinner, 2015.