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Rihel Lab

We study the genes and neurons that regulate sleep in zebrafish.



Feb 09, 2020: Jason Rihel appeared on the Naked Scientists podcast about body clocks. Listen here

Jan 25, 2020: Rihel Lab has a postdoc position available. Consider and apply here.  Deadline: Feb 22, 2020 


7-Nov-2019 Congrats to Shannon Shibata-Germanos for her new study showing conservation of zebrafish brain lymphatic endothelial cells in the mouse and human meninges! Now at Acta Neuropathologica.

26-Sept-2019 Congrats to Shannon Shibata-Germanos, the 3rd Rihel lab PhD defender

19-Sept-2019 Sabine Reichert's study on Galanin's role in sleep homeostasis is now in print at Neuron!

Marcus Ghosh reveals structure in zebrafish behaviour in this new BioRxiv preprint!

You can now read in the BioRxiv Dr. Guliz Ozcan's study on how amyloid beta, a major contributor to Alzheimer's Disease, directly modulates sleep!

Wellcome Fellow Sabine Reichert's study of sleep homeostasis is now available to preview on the BioRxiv!

Congrats to Marcus Ghosh, the 2nd Rihel lab student to defend their PhD viva!

Congratulations to Guliz Ozcan for her poster prize at the 2018 ARUK meeting!

Check out our new paper in Cell Reports on the link between lipid transport, insulin-growth factor signaling, and sleep/wake states. Our fish sculpture, "Greasing the Wheels" is on the cover!

Jason Rihel appeared on Channel 4's programme, "Live Well for Longer". A screenshot:

Jason on Channel 4


Marcus Ghosh racks up another presentation award-- 1st place in the Division of Biosciences "Breakfast talks"!

Jason Rihel previews a new paper on copper's influence on sleep/wake behavior in Nature Chemical Biology, "Copper on the Brain."

A new paper on Neuropeptide Y's role in sleep is now at Current Biology!

Check out Shannon Shibata-Germanos's blog piece at the Node about how our collaboration with the Schulte-Merker lab came together.

Our collaboration with the Prober lab is now available in Neuron! We discovered a mechanism by which zebrafish set proper sleep/wake levels in the light vs. dark.

We discovered a new cell type in the covering the of brain! Our paper, spearheaded by Shannon Shibata-Germanos and in collaboration with Tom Hawkins and the Schulte-Merker lab, is now available at Elife.


Marcus Ghosh won the poster prize at the annual UCL MB-PhD Symposium in Cambridge.

Congratulations to DR. IDA BARLOW! The first PhD minted in the Rihel lab.

You can now read Ida and Jason's review of zebrafish sleep in Current Opinion in Neurobiology.

Congratulations to Eva Naumann on her new paper in Cell, describing the neural circuitry that controls the optomotor response in zebrafish!

The Rihel Lab, in collaboration with John Hardy, has received a grant from the Alzheimer's Research UK to study the effects of amyloid beta on zebrafish behavior.

A collaborative paper with Karin Tuschl of Steve Wilson's lab at UCL is now available from Nature Communication. Manganese transporter mutations from fish to man!


For a course, Dee Dinneen created this delightful radio show featuring an interview of Dr. Rihel and Dr. Bill Maclehose:


Check out Dr. Rihel's interview on the BBC World Service, discussing the new sleep screen paper:

New paper describing a vertebrate sleep screen in zebrafish done in collaboration with the Prober lab at CalTech and the Schier lab at Harvard, now available at Neuron! This paper is also covered in a Video Abstract:

New paper from the Rihel, Giraldez, and State labs on druggable sleep phenotypes in a zebrafish model of autism now published online in Neuron. Also featured in a Preview by Biron and Levkowitz and on the print edition cover:


Dr. Rihel recently gave a public lecture at the Cafe Scientifique, Brighton: 'Sleep, from Aristotle to Zebrafish'. He also presented to the audience of the opening of the BBSRC Zebrafish Screening Facility in Edinburgh.

October, 2015: In collaboration with the Whitmore and Hankins labs, our new paper characterizing the many light sensing genes of the zebrafish is now pubished in Genome Research.

June, 2015: Rihel and Bendor's Cell preview on fly sleep and forgetting is now published.

June, 2015: Rihel and Ghosh's book chapter on Zebrafish pharmacology is now on-line.

May, 2015: The collaboration between the State, Giraldez, and Rihel labs to study autism in zebrafish is profiled at the Simon's Foundation website.

Dec, 2014: Congratulations to Dr. Sabine Reichert, who was awarded a Sir Henry Wellcome Fellowship!

Dec 7, 2014: Dr. Eva Naumann won 2nd prize for her poster at the 3rd Imaging Zebrafish Neural Circuits Meeting, held in Paris, France

Oct 15, 2014: Liam O'Leary's 3rd-year thesis was just published in the peer-reviewed journal, Bioscience Horizons!

Oct 5th, 2014: Dr Rihel will appear at the Invisible Dot, for "Stories", hosted by Liam Williams. The theme is "Sleep" 4PM

June 23, 2014: Rihel Lab wins the UCL Neuroscience Poster Prize! See photos of our winning poster and bowling celebration.

March 14, 2014. Read Ida Barlow's blog entry on the British Libraries' Counting Sheep: the Science of Sleep evening.

Feb 18, 2014. Ozcan and Rihel's Preview, "A Drosophila circuit feels the (sleep) pressure" is now available in Neuron.

Oct 1, 2013. Listen to Dr. Rihel on the Naked Scientists podcast, "Wake Up!".

May 23rd, 2013--

Rihel and Schier's new paper on small molecules and sleep is now available from Current Opinion in Neurobiology.

April 18th, 2013. Dr. Rihel appeared on BBC Radio4's Material World to talk about the zebrafish genome. Follow the link to listen.

Dec 13th, 1PM-- Dr. Rihel gives the CDB department seminar, "Sleeping with the zebrafishes." 1PM, Gavin de Beer Lecture Hall, Anatomy Building, UCL.

June 26th, 7PM -- Dr. Rihel participated in Cosy Science at the Exmouth Arms pub, giving a short talk titled, "I'll Sleep While I Live".