I regularly write articles and blogs for Chalkdust magazine- a popular mathematics magazine I helped set up at UCL. My articles are listed below:
[1] Tennis maths: how long should deuce point last?
[2] A brief history of gravitational waves
[3] Interstellar travel: the mathematics of wormholes
[4] Will the Universe actually end in a big rip?
[5] Interview with Professor Ian Stewart
[6] Can we do good more effectively?
[7] Why is it so hard to pull two phone books apart?
[8] What's your favourite number?
[9] New largest prime discovered!

Other media appearances

[1] I wrote this Guardian article about the probability of a train being late.
[2] I cowrote this Guardian article with Pietro Servini about Pi day.
[3] I once featured in the Daily Telegraph discussing the Large Hadron Collider after finishing runner up in a Young Science Writers competetion.
[4] I presented a poster on modified gravity at SET for Britain in the Houses of Parliament.
[5] I assisted running a stall at the UCL Sparks festival at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic park, teaching families about non-Newtonian fluids by getting them to run over a pool of cornflower.