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UCL Expand FAQs

Your one-stop-shop for all frequently asked questions about UCL Expand

Do I need to attend all UCL Expand sessions?

We ask that participants attend both UCL Expand in-personevents and at least 4 of the online core sessions. If you do not attend this number, we will not be able to provide you with a certificate to verify you took part in the programme. Drop-in sessions do not count towards this total as these are optional sessions. 

We understand that emergencies and other circumstances can change that may mean participants are not able to attend a session. In this instance, please get in touch with us on wp.post16@ucl.ac.uk or call us on 07857630033 to let us know.

What skills will I develop during the programme?

UCL Expand is structured and designed in a way that will allow participants to develop a range of essential and key skills that will not only enhance your application to higher education, but also support you in the transition to university. The skills which you will develop will be invaluable when you enter university. 

Following the Research and Analysis session, you will leave with an understanding of how to investigate a topic, how to distinguish between reputable and un-reputable sources of information, and the ability to examine the implications of their research.

Following the Critical Thinking session, you will leave with an understanding of how to analyse sources to form a judgement, the ability to challenge your own assumptions and take multiple perspectives on an issue, and awareness of the difference between a fact and an opinion.

Following the Academic Writing session, you will leave with an understanding of the formality, objectivity and precision required to write academically. You will also learn how to communicate your project work in an academic capacity, and how to form conclusions.

Following the Presentation and Debate session, you will leave with an understanding of delivering a clear and persuasive argument, creating a clear presentation structure and the ability to listen to and answer questions. This session will directly contribute to the presentation of your project during the in-person Graduation event on March 27th. 

For a reminder of when the sessions are taking place, check the UCL Expand homepage.

What is the final project?

The Taster Presenter for your subject strand will introduce the programme and project to you during one of your sessions. This project will be something that is related to and takes inspiration from the subject strand content, but you'll be able to put your own spin on it according to what you're most interested in exploring further. 

You will be supported in the development of your final project, with various drop-in sessions as well as a full 1.5 hour session during Project Work Week (on Wednesday 06 March) for you to work on your final project with your Student Ambassadors. 

The final project isn't something to worry about. It won't take up much time, and is about developing your skills and creating something that you can later mention in your university applications. You won't be marked on your project.

Each subject strand will do this slightly differently, and we will share a full brief of what to expect soon! 

Will UCL Expand enhance my university application?


UCL Expand will provide participants with deeper subject knowledge and exploration beyond the usual school curriculum, will develop and grow their key academic skills, and also allow them to demonstrate their motivation to learn and challenge themselves, especially in a specific subject area. 

All of these things are likely to be extremely valuable in an application to any kind of academic institution or programme in the future. UCL Expand is also a perfect example of super-curricular engagement (which most, if not all universities are looking for in a personal statement!) 

As part of UCL Expand, we will providing participants with some support on how they can talk about UCL Expand in their personal statements in order to strengthen their university applications. 

What if I'm struggling to keep up with the content and sessions?

The UCL Access Team staff, Expand Taster Presenters and Student Ambassadors are all here to ensure that participants are able to access and engage with the programme successfully. We are here to support you in any way we can, to ensure you get the best out of the programme.

During the sessions if you're able to, don't be afraid to ask questions or for additional guidance from the Taster Presenters, Staff and Student Ambassadors in the session. 

Please also take advantage of our Drop-In Sessions. These are optional sessions that provide a great opportunity to ask questions to our subject strand Student Ambassadors. They will be on hand to offer guidance and support on the programme to you. Any questions that they aren't able to answer will be re-directed to either the Taster Presenter or a staff member, who will then get back to you later that week. For a reminder of when the drop-in sessions are happening, check the UCL Expand homepage.

Please do reach out to us via wp.post16@ucl.ac.uk.  Please do let us know if you feel that you aren't able to successfully access and engage with the programme, and we can discuss ways in which we can support you in order to change this. 

What will the UCL Expand welcome event involve?

The UCL Expand Welcome Event is going to be great fun and is key to kick-starting your UCL Expand experience.


Any other questions?

You can also reach out to us via wp.post16@ucl.ac.uk with any questions or concerns.