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UCL Expand: Creativity & Imagination

Welcome to UCL Expand: Creativity & Imagination! We can't wait to get started.

Before coming to the Slade School of Fine Art here at UCL, to do her Masters (MA) in Painting, Maya majored in Art History at Columbia University in New York. 

During her time at Columbia University, Maya did her thesis on Visual Art. This research is where her inspiration and knowledge has come from, for the creation of the Creativity & Imagination programme. 

The content, sessions and project will provide a unique and dynamic insight into how art is studied and explored at university level, and we're really looking forward to seeing how the programme participants shape their own journeys on the programme, according to their own interests.

Looking at Text, Reading Pictures: Exploring Visual and Textual Expression in Culture

During your time on the UCL Expand: Creativity & Imagination programme, you're going to be exploring the rich landscape where text and visual art intersect, and what we can learn from this.


You will be devling in to the realms of:

  • Asemic writing
  • Concrete poetry
  • Sign painting
  • Graffiti
  • The innovations of Stéphane Mallarmé, among others. 

You will also be able to be extremely creative yourself, throughout the project and in the development of your final project. You have the opportunity to shape your project to your own unique interests.


What skills am I going to develop?

UCL Expand is structured and designed in a way that will allow participants to develop a range of essential and key skills that will not only enhance your application to higher education, but also support you in the transition to university. The skills which you will develop will be invaluable when you enter university. 

Following the Research and Analysis session, you will leave with an understanding of how to investigate a topic, how to distinguish between reputable and un-reputable sources of information, and the ability to examine the implications of their research.

Following the Critical Thinking session, you will leave with an understanding of how to analyse sources to form a judgement, the ability to challenge your own assumptions and take multiple perspectives on an issue, and awareness of the difference between a fact and an opinion.

Following the Academic Writing session, you will leave with an understanding of the formality, objectivity and precision required to write academically. You will also learn how to communicate your project work in an academic capacity, and how to form conclusions.

Following the Presentation and Debate session, you will leave with an understanding of delivering a clear and persuasive argument, creating a clear presentation structure and the ability to listen to and answer questions. This session will directly contribute to the presentation of your project during the in-person Graduation event on March 27th. 

For a reminder of when the sessions are taking place, check the UCL Expand homepage.

Your Final Project

Maya will be introducing you to the final project at our Welcome Event. 

The final project is your chance to use the academic skills which you're developing throughout the programme, combined with knowledge and inspiration from the subject content, to create something that is unique to your own passions and interests: you'll have the freedom to put your own spin on it according to what you'd most like to explore further.

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