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The intensity of family relations

In this town family members are intensely connected with one another, and spending time alone is not common or desired. People tend to be always surrounded by members of their family. Aylin is a university student, originally from a town located two hours away. Every Friday afternoon she goes home to visit her family, returning on Sunday evening. Despite these frequent face-to-face meetings, Aylin continuously communicates with her father, three sisters and two brothers on the phone and on WhatsApp throughout the week. Photos create immediacy and proximity as she shares many images from daily life with her sisters, so they can see how she spends her time and what she does during the day. 

When Aylin buys new clothes, cooks a new dinner, or goes to a new place with a beautiful landscape, she takes a picture and shares it with her siblings. When she is sad, she takes a picture of herself with an unhappy face and sends it to her favourite sister. When her sister was refurnishing her new house, she took pictures of a new table and sofa and sent it to Aylin. Thanks to this endless sharing of photos and images, Aylin and her sisters can recreate the visual proximity and the intensity of face-to-face communication.