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Research projects listings

(A-Z) by title:

Title Researcher Country Status
A New Public Order: Network Politics and the Tea Party Movement Charles Pearson USA  Ongoing
Being an actor in political decision-making processes Julia Tiemann Iceland/Germany Ongoing
Doing social network sites: the case of Cibervalle Heike Mónika Greschke  Paraguay Complete
Facebook in Trinidad Daniel Miller, Jolynna Sinanan Trindidad  Complete
Islamic (Inter)Faces of the Internet: Emerging Socialities and Forms of Piety in Indonesia Martin Slama Indonesia  Ongoing
Mobile Berlin: Social Media and the New Europe Jordan Kraemer Germany, Netherlands  Ongoing 
Tales from the Golden Age: Narrating Communist Childhoods in Romania Codruta Pohrib Romania Ongoing
Occupying Cyberspace: Indonesian Cyberactivism and Occupy Wall Street Michael Oman-Reagan  Jakarta, Indonesia Ongoing
'Online togetherness' of Brazilian migrants on social network sites Mieke Schrooten Brazil Ongoing
Secret communication systems in Facebook Giustina Trevisi Colombia Complete
Social networking and social science research project Daniel Miller
Multiple Ongoing
Shifting Fields: Social Media, Religion and Popular Culture in Brazil and the Diaspora Martijn Oosterbaan Brazil Ongoing
The social experience of ageing in a technologically connected world Di Shaw Australia Ongoing
Welcome to Kampoeng Cyber: Community 2.0 in Indonesia Jessika Tremblay Canada Ongoing
What 'friends' on the screen may mean: social networking shaping the Filipino diaspora Deirdre McKay Philippines (diaspora) Ongoing
Why do Argentine politicians use social media? Raquel Tarullo Argentinia Complete
Use of mobiles and social media in the Republic of Benin and their implications for cultural identity construction in a collectivistic West-African society Martina Kainz Cotonou (Republic of Benin, West Africa)  Ongoing