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Miss Gemma Moore

Address: 1-19 Torrington Place, WC1H 6BT

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Real-time learning for Community-based Environmental Projects

PhotoThis project will strengthen urban regeneration processes and procedures through real-time learning. It will involve the collaboration between academics and practitioners acting together to connect the 'know how' to the 'how to' for community-based environmental regeneration projects.

The project will consist of three key parts; firstly a participatory review of existing/recently completed projects (the active training, undertaken collaboratively), secondly, the synthesis and application of this knowledge to ongoing projects (in 'real-time'), and finally, feedback (via guidance and training) to practitioners and the local community to improve future projects.

All projects selected will focus on public, open space regeneration involving partnerships between a range of stakeholders, including the local community. Projects that work well often are the product of an experienced individual, the time, tools and resources required to properly pass on this knowledge often do not exist. There is a clear gap in knowledge, demonstrating a pressing need for practitioners to evaluate and reflect on their activities. This proposal is aimed at precisely this problem. HEIs can significantly contribute to this, with knowledge of systems/processes and access to latest articles/research findings. A HEI (The Bartlett) and a regeneration agency (Groundwork) will lead this project.


UCL and Groundwork in Project Partnership

Posted by: UB Admin
Date: 12/12/07

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