The UrbanBuzz & UrbanBuzz UCL Additions "Group" Combined Privacy Statement

UrbanBuzz recognises the importance of protecting the personal information and the privacy of data provided by You and that may personally identify You which we collect in connection with Your use of the UrbanBuzz website ("Website") and also, should you not op-out, UCL Additions websites ("Websites") and the services offered on the Website / these Websites ("Services") referred to in this Statement as "Personal Data".

Important Notes (January 2009):

1) the UCL Additions website will incorporate, from February 2009 onwards, the dynamic content from the UrbanBuzz website,, as a specific UrbanBuzz Group within that website.  All registered UrbanBuzz community members will be offered the chance to opt-out as members of this Group, and the UCL Additions website as a whole, ahead of this change;

2) Groups on UCL Additions offer the following functionality: they are open to new members; public-view discussion boards to which only Group members can contribute; Group owners can uploads events, training, news and funding opportunities for all Group members to view; Group owners (only*) can email Group members en masse , upload files and external links which are then publically available for view. *UCL Additions may occasionally email UCL Additions users with information that UCL Additions consider to be of intererst to the whole UCL Additions network;

3) UCL Additions and the UrbanBuzz Programme Office are both part of University College London and therefore the dynamic content incorporation of UrbanBuzz's website by that of UCL Additions does not represent any change at institutional level with respect to UrbanBuzz;

4)  For the foreseeable future, David Cobb, Programme Director of UrbanBuzz, will become the Group "owner" of the UrbanBuzz Group on UCL Additions; &

5)  To view the UCL Additions Privacy Statement, simply visit ; this Privacy Statement will supersede the URBANBUZZ & URBANBUZZ UCL ADDITIONS "GROUP" COMBINED PRIVACY STATEMENT for all users joining the UrbanBuzz UCL Additions "Group".

Why we ask you for your Personal Data

We ask You for the data to allow You to network with other members of the Website/ Websites and for us to work on Your behalf to further develop the Websites for You by making available services and opportunities which are relevant to You and which we believe You will use.

In registering to use the Website/ Websites, You provide us in return with some information about You to enable us to make available the Services on the Websites and to enable You to use these Services most efficiently. We may ask You for more such information from time to time and will store this information with information we already keep about You. You may change, update or remove it at any time in accordance with this Privacy Statement.

We have adopted this Privacy Statement to demonstrate to You our commitment to safeguarding your privacy, and so that You confirm Your satisfaction with our information practices as part of your agreement to comply with the UrbanBuzz User Terms that apply to Your use of the Services with resepc to the Website.

What data We ask you to provide and when

UrbanBuzz will always notify You as to the types of Personal Data and any other information we are collecting about You as well as the uses that we intend to make of such information. When you complete our registration process we will collect your full name, email address, postal address and other data which you choose to supply. We may collect data which tracks how You use the Websites and the Services.

How we use your Personal Data

We will only use your Personal Data to improve Your use of the Services, the quality and relevance of any communications we send to You and the Websites including by our notifying You of new features or other items of interest. We may make available from time to time as part of the Services.

Except as we state in the Privacy Policy, we do not sell, rent or provide third parties with any of the information comprised within your Personal Data that enables You to be personally identified.

UrbanBuzz does however collect certain non-personally identifiable information about You, such as the types and numbers of transactions that You make using the Websites and the Services. Such information is usually aggregated with that collected in respect of all users of the Website/ Websites  and Services in the form of general demographic or geographic statistical information about the types and numbers of transactions that all users of the Website and the Services make and information that will be used to monitor equal opportunities perfomances. These statistics may be collected in respect of specific partners which we think should participate in our Website and should be made available to You. Only such non-personally identifiable information is ever made available by Website/ Websites  to third parties and never your Personal Data that identifies You such as your name, address, financial details or email address.

How we use your email address

UrbanBuzz uses your email address primarily to contact You in the way we have described and for the administration of the Websites. If however you wish not to receive emails that we send for information purposes please notify us by email.

We may use the IP address log to determine where users of the Websites are located and where problems such as accessing the Website may have originated.

Any statistical information is aggregated on an anonymous basis about groups of users of the Website/ Websites . This statistical information may be used by UrbanBuzz to help us develop enhanced services as part of the website and Services for our users and to determine which elements of our website are being used most effectively. This data will be used by us to offer relevant services we develop specifically for certain categories of users and which we believe You will wish to take advantage of. In addition it may be shared with local government agencies to help ensure that they provide better services.

The information provided by You in relation to your log-in and user identity is, subject to the statements made above, unique to You and viewable only by us and by You.

From time to time we may confirm your email address by sending an email to the email address which You have registered. We may also from time to time as required send registered users an email message containing information about updates to the Website, the Services, or in accordance with the UrbanBuzz User Terms. Additionally, we may contact You via your email address in the event that we need to inform You of any issues or problems with the Website, the Services or any specific transaction carried out by You.

Please see for information on how UCL Addiions may use your email address should you decide not to opt-out of membership of the UCL Additions site.

External Sites

We believe that the pledges in this Privacy Statement should always apply to You. However if You leave either of the Websites via a link we enable and where You enter another websites it may not be possible to apply our Privacy Statement. Usually the external websites will have its own privacy policy. If you leave the Websites we will endeavour to tell You that You are doing so. You may wish to consider further your privacy and to contact the other website owner directly.

While You are using the Websites or the Services we will make it clear to You which website's privacy policy and terms and conditions apply and who You need to contact.

Do we use Cookies?

The Websites uses small pieces of data know as "cookies". Cookies are set on Your browser when You log-in to the Website sand we use cookies to identify users on the Website. Cookies enable us to remember your log-in and password so You do not have to remember it and re-enter it each time You visit our Website. UrbanBuzz cookies cannot be read or used by any other websites and do not contain Your Personal Data.

Please see for information on how UCL Additions uses cookies. 

How can you change, correct or update your Personal Data

How to Close your membership

If you wish to cease your use of the Websites You may close your registered membership by notifying us by email. We will withdraw the information held by us about You from the UrbanBuzz database.

In any case where We have the right to terminate your use of the Webiste, We will confirm by email to You that Your membership has been closed and that Your Personal Data has been deleted from the UrbanBuzz database. We will keep transactional records for evidential purposes.

Please see for information on how to close your membership of UCL Additions should you decide not to opt-out of membership of the UrbanBuzz "Group" on UCL Additions.

UrbanBuzz recommends that You review this Privacy Statement periodically as UrbanBuzz may update it from time to time with the aim of ensuring that You are fully informed of our use of your Personal Data.

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