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Dr Muki Haklay

Address: UCL, Gower Street, WC1E 6BT

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Contact Number: 020 7679 2745

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16 : MCSC
Mapping Change for Sustainable Communities

PhotoThe project will develop an on-line interactive GIS-based map of East London and the Thames Gateway, highlighting development sites, environmental issues and projects, local issues and stakeholder groups. It will aim to include other UrbanBuzz work. The map will be open to any registerd users, who will be able to enter information on the map, add events and use it as a mode of communication.

We will work with 4 local communities to develop online local maps, which are also linked to the London Green Map to reflect their issues and priorities. Local people will identify the issues and will be trained in using relevant ICT. The project will offer them access to planning information and advice and lead to a web-based map which they can maintain and develop. The project will include 3 innovative Bio-Mapping workshops. Each year, there will be a high profile event (during London Sustainability Weeks festival) to disseminate ideas and information around the project.

The outcomes will be communities who are confident in using web-mapping and GIS information, and we will also include MSc students who will learn about working with communities as an integral part of their studies.


Report on Successful June Conference

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Date: 04/09/08

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