University Clinic


Changing Unwanted BEhaviour (CUBE) Clinic

The CUBE clinic brings specialist addiction services to UCL.

The Changing Unwanted BEhaviours (CUBE) clinic is a specialist NHS mental health service within the University Clinic. The CUBE clinic offers assessment and treatment for students experiencing problems relating to their use of alcohol, drugs, and other addictive behaviours such as gaming, gambling and pornography. Our team consists of a consultant psychiatrist and a psychologist, and we frequently host trainee clinical psychologists on placement. 

We are a free and confidential service open to all undergraduate and postgraduate students at UCL. We provide short-term evidence-based psychological support, such as an initial assessment, psychiatric review or sessions of psychological therapy. This aims to support you with your goal of choice: whether stopping a particular behaviour, gaining greater control, or changing aspects of the behaviour pattern. We are able to offer face-to-face or video appointments depending on your preference.


Professor Owen Bowden-Jones

Dr Sophie Hytner

Dr Mauricio Alvarez Monjaras