Advice on PGTA contracts and pay

9 October 2023

Additional advice and information to PGTAs for checking FTE in contracts and holiday pay

It is the season for new PGTA induction, and UCL UCU are receiving high volumes of cases of problems and issues with PGTA contracts and pay. We have therefore produced this guide for PGTAs which supplements the PGTA Code of Practice, and provides a new calculator to factor in holiday pay in calculating FTE. 

If you know or work with any PGTAs please can you:

We don’t currently have a PGTA officer on the EC, but the former PGTA Officer is very happy to support any new volunteer, and we have Executive Committee Officers to support PGTAs with organising:

Anti-Casualisation Officer Dr Matteo Tiratelli <m.tiratelli@ucl.ac.uk>

Recruitment and Membership Secretary Dr Danielle Lamb <d.lamb@ucl.ac.uk>

UCL UCU Executive Committee