UCL-UCU: STRIKE action this week - more details

13 March 2023

Further information on this week's strike action and the current re-ballot

On strike for fair pay

We are on STRIKE this week on 15, 16, and 17 March, and then again next week.

Use these links for more information:

Why are we continuing our action?

In the middle of ACAS talks, the employers announced they were imposing their pay offer, which translates into a massive real-terms pay cut. Relative to August 2021, this offer amounts to a likely 15% cut in pay over two years against RPI unless inflation falls by August 2023. The cut is equivalent to 55 calendar days’ pay - every year from August, for life.

We cannot afford to take the pressure off. This is why UCU is re-balloting members, and why we are taking action. We need to use the strikes to organise the campaign to win the reballot for Summer Term action, to organise ourselves, and to find ways to support our students.

The employers will be looking to see how resolved and committed we are, and whether they can just string the union along. 

The employers and the Government will be looking at the size of protests on the streets. We encourage every member to strike, but also to try and participate in any way they can, from visiting school picket lines in the morning to joining the demonstration in Central London. 

This strike will begin six days of strikes until 22 March. On the 15th March there will be a national demo with other unions and on the 21st March there will be a London Region demo to parliament (see above links for details). On the other strike days there will be strike organising meetings after the picketing.

Make sure you vote!

If you have not voted, please vote this week! The last safe posting day for your ballot is 28 March, and the last chance to get a replacement ballot paper, if you have not yet received one, is 26 March. Getting over the threshold in the reballot is also essential in showing that we mean business and keeping up the pressure on the employers.

UCL UCU Executive Committee