UCL-UCU: Friday 17/03 Strike TV & Report: Thursday Meeting on the "offer"

16 March 2023

Brief report from today's strike meeting and details of Strike TV for Friday 17 March

A very brief report on today's strike meeting that discussed the "offer" that has been put before members in an e-poll, and on which a Branch Delegates' Meeting was called for this afternoon by national UCU.  Details for the Strike TV schedule for Friday 17 March can be seen below.

Brief report of the UCU strike meeting

Some 150 members attended the hybrid UCU strike meeting online and in-person. 

Members expressed criticism of the e-poll and the way a complex set of questions were posed in a single one.

The meeting decided: 

  • Against putting the "4 fights" offer out to members to consider ending the dispute
  • In favour of putting the USS offer out to members to consider ending the dispute
  • Against stopping the strike action next week
  • To call on members to vote No in the e-poll
  • The strike continues tomorrow. It is not decided whether to end the strikes next week or not. Our delegates to a Branch Delegate Meeting reported that a majority polled expressed opposition to strikes being called off.

Please join the pickets at UCL tomorrow from 8am.

Strike TV

Join Strike TV if you cannot attend a UCL picket line in person. To join please register for a zoom link. See our schedule:

Strike TV schedule Friday 17 March

UCL UCU Executive Committee