22/23 Hardship Fund Update

28 March 2023

The UCL UCU local Hardship fund is currently being moved onto a new financial line, for which we are awaiting bank approval. Until complete we are unable to accept online applications; however, we anticipate resolving this in the near future and will email members to confirm

Dear Colleague

Thank you for your patience whilst we resolve platform and banking obstacles with the local hardship fund at UCL UCU.  We will email members once the system is up and running.

We will be making payments to all members who have undertaken strike action for

  • Their first day of strike action (the national UCU fighting fund does not cover this first day, so we do);
  • Any days above 12 (days 13, 14, 15) of strike action, they have taken;
  • Single hardship payments of £100 for those facing hardship.

As a reminder, these are the dates that strike action was called:

  1. Thursday 24th November 2022
  2. Friday 25th November
  3. Wednesday 30th November
  4. Wednesday 1 February 2023
  5. Thursday 9 February
  6. Friday 10 February 
  7. Tuesday 14 February
  8. Wednesday 15 February
  9. Thursday 16 February 
  10. Wednesday 15th March
  11. Thursday 16 March
  12. Friday 17 March 
  13.  Monday 20 March
  14. Tuesday 21 March
  15. Wednesday 22 March

In the meantime, please do claim from the National Fighting Fund for any of your days of strike action 2-12 (11 days), that you have undertaken.

You can then use the National Fighting Fund claim number in our system when it comes back online to claim for the additional days (day 1, day 13, 14, 15) as necessary.

You will need a payslip and your membership number to make this initial claim.

Please do contact us with any queries (ucu@ucl.ac.uk )