UCL UCU: MAB Solidarity Protest at UCL Open Days: Friday 12-2pm in the Quad

29 June 2023

Join us Friday 30th June to protest at UCL’s Open Days, from 12-2pm in the Quad.

So far UCL have tried to downplay the impact of the Marking and Assessment Boycott, telling students they have nothing to worry about, while privately punishing staff who take part, and using ‘mitigation’ measures to try to progress or graduate students with unmarked assessments. But we now know that in many departments this is not working and those students graduated with questionable degrees are being put in an unfair position.

With final grades being released next week, the national dispute is reaching a critical point. 

Colleagues may have heard about a local settlement at Queen’s University Belfast where the employer increased the pay offer by 2% and cancelled deductions (members were facing indefinite 100% deductions). While we have no mandate for a local offer, it is clear that there is far more money in the sector than the employers admit!

1. Join us this Friday to protest at UCL’s Open Days, from 12-2pm in the Quad.

Bring placards and posters. Wear UCU colours, purple or pink, if you can! Be ready to explain to potential students why our campaign will matter to their future education. Our outsourced colleagues in IWGB and Unison will also be out protesting against the sacking of 40 security guards and the mass Fire-And-Rehire of the rest on Friday and again on Saturday.

2. A group of UCL students have made a video to express their support for staff.

You can also direct your students to the #SettleTheDispute campaign and this Open Letter to students from UCL UCU.

3. Please keep the Pledges coming in!

We are asking everyone who is not participating in the MAB to consider making a pledge of 7 days’ pay, so that no-one is deducted more than that amount. 

To make a Pledge or report MAB participation:

  1. Download the MAB calculator spreadsheet to work out the total deductions after tax you would face for participating (assuming a limit of 0.5x 70 days) and what 7 days’ would cost you, and 
  2. Complete the webform to tell us whether you have declared your MAB participation, or are willing to make a Pledge or other one-off donation.  See have emailed all members a link to the form.

You can also join our Solidari-Tea meetings: 

  • Friday June 30,  3-4pm
  • Monday July 3, 10-11am

Members can find the joining instructions to the Solidari-Tea meetings in their inboxes.

UCL UCU Executive Committee