UCL-UCU: We are striking on Thursday & Friday - information

8 February 2023

Details on the next two days of strike action this week, Thursday 09 and Friday 10 February.

Strike details

  1. Please do not work on Thursday 09 and Friday 10 February - let’s show we are not giving up! Working from home is considered crossing a picket line, even if it’s not a physical one.
  2. Join us on the picket lines: 8:00-12:00
    1. Main Gate, Malet Place, Student Centre entrance, Institute of Education Concourse
    2. Pick up materials from Main Gate
  3. ASOS+strike: we should not reschedule classes that are lost due to strike actions, and we should not upload/should take down class materials for those days.
  4. If you cannot come to campus, join a local picket or Strike TV (details tbc).
  5. Strike fund: see Appendix 1.
  6. Strike meetings (12-2pm)
    1. Thursday 09 February - The Building Centre, Store Street [followed by a meeting for UCL Researchers - organising for researchers’ rights]. Hot drinks provided (bring your own lunch).
    2. Friday 10 February - Art Workers’ Guild, Queen Square. Hot drinks and sandwich lunch provided.

Please also review the teachout schedule circulated - members can see the teach outs being organised, or add your own one!

In the below appendix you can find some important information about striking (the strike fund, reporting your strike action, special issues faced by PS staff and researchers).

UCL UCU Executive Committee



Pay down 25% since 2009. We demand a fair pay deal.


Appendix 1 - Strike funds

The national strike fund (for your 2nd to 12th day of strike action) is live on the UCU website; the local strike hardship fund (for claiming your first day of striking, and a flat payment of £100 for those facing hardship) will go live soon. There are no criteria for “hardship”: any UCU member taking strike action can claim for each day they do so (irrespective of their salary or position) - please look out for a separate email.

Appendix 2 - Reporting strike action

  1. Our current advice to members is **not** to supply details of specific modules/seminars that were missed due to strike action (we know some departments are circulating spreadsheets and asking staff to add their missed class details), unless asked about a specific class by your line manager.

  2.  The only legal duty striking workers have is to report the days on which you took strike action, and it is up to the employer to determine what was lost and other details. You should do this as soon as is practical (the arbitrary 24-hour limit set by HR is not binding) and can do it either by emailing your department administrator or by filling out the HR form.

Appendix 3 - Disruption caused by striking PS and research staff

A recurrent question from PS and Research staff is what to do about tasks that have deadlines and need to be completed, and so will simply be moved from strike days to other days.

The prioritisation of tasks is not the responsibility of the employees, but of our managers. Everyone has the right to take strike action, and the employer needs to address the fallout - causing disruption is the whole point of striking! It also shows the value of our work, by its absence.

We would advise that (after striking) managers are informed of likely shortfalls/fallout that they need to address. It is important that they know that without taking these measures, the tasks may need to be queued. Addressing this may involve extending deadlines, seeking extensions on research projects, proper staffing of tasks, etc.