UCL-UCU: Emergency General Meeting - Increasing days covered by strike fund

15 February 2023

Calling notice for an Emergency General Meeting next Monday, 20 February, 13.00.

We are giving notice of an Emergency General Meeting for next Monday, 20 Feb, 13.00, to discuss motions about the current industrial action and dispute, including a motion on the local Hardship (Strike) fund.

The strike action called by UCU nationally totals 21 days (including the 3 days in November). 

This means that the last 9 days of our prospective strike action are not presently covered by either fund.

In this meeting we will decide on a motion to rectify this by covering some or all of this shortfall from our local hardship fund. 

Members are also welcome to propose other motions pertaining to the current industrial action. Please email ucu@ucl.ac.uk before Friday at 5pm with your motion.

More information:

UCL UCU Executive Committee



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