UCL-UCU: Hardship Fund (Strike Action) for 2021/22 now online

1 September 2022

The local branch hardship fund application for claims to cover the first day of strike action (2021/22) is now live

We have now made the local branch hardship fund forms available as an online application for members to claim for their first day of strike action last academic year (2021/22). This process is now more streamlined than in the past, and makes us prepared for future action.

It is still possible to make claims from the fund if you took part in strike action in the last academic year. To do so, you will need your UCU membership number and a payslip showing the deductions.

  • You can claim from our local fund for the first day of strike action from our local fund (this is not covered by national UCU).
  • You can also still claim from the national fund for strike days 2-12 inclusive. 
  • You can also apply from our local fund for an additional £75 flat rate hardship payment (no evidence required).

At UCL members were asked to take a total of 13 days of strike action in the last round. Branches with a mandate for USS and Four Fights took 18 days.

We have a healthy hardship fund, and are putting in place measures to support members willing to take industrial action.

UCU Executive Committee