UCL UCU: Reminder - ‘How to win?’ Today & Motions

27 October 2022

This is a reminder that we have an EGM today at 13.00 to discuss motions and elect delegates for the Branch Delegates Meeting happening on Monday 31 October.

The Branch Delegates Meeting will feed into the decisions of the UCU Higher Education Committee on the same day on the actions that UCU will take nationally to win our disputes.


  1. Feedback from UCL UCU Survey
  2. Motions and amendments (see below)
  3. Election of Delegates to Branch Delegates Meeting

UCL UCU Executive Cttee



UCU Pensions. We did it! 84.9% yes

We have a number of motions and amendments submitted for today:

Motion 1 on Industrial Action, proposed by Sean Wallis

UCL UCU notes the brilliant ballot results giving us the ability to take action in every university.

UCL UCU believes that:  

  1. A strong ballot result without action will not be enough to defeat the employers.
  2. Coordinating our action with other unions will increase our leverage.

UCL UCU proposes that industrial action takes the following form:

  1. Strikes on 24, 25, 28, 29 and 30 November, maximising coordination with CWU.
  2. A national demonstration to UCEA talks on 30 November.
  3. All forms of ASOS including marking & assessment boycott to start 1 December.
  4. Punitive deductions to be met with sustained strike action, backed by financial support from all other branches.
  5. Escalating strike action to begin week beginning 6 February (or earliest date when all universities are teaching) coordinated with other unions where possible, starting with 3 days (week 1) 4 days (week 2) 5 days (week 3).
  6. Notification of future action before completion of existing action.
  7. A BDM to be called in January: should discuss next steps, including the possibility of all-out strike action if the employer has not moved following the initial phase of action.
  8. For the General Secretary to approach other unions to actively seek co-ordination and report back results.

Amendment 1 to Motion 1, proposed by Saladin Meckled-Garcia

Remove Clause 1 (strike action on 24, 25, 28, 29, and 30 November) and replace with:

  1. Take strategic strike action before the Christmas break.

Amendment 2 to Motion 1, proposed by Ilektra Christidi

Move "proposes" 5 to after 7, and reword it to (addition in italics):

Escalating strike action to begin week beginning 6 February (or earliest date when all universities are teaching) coordinated with other unions where possible, starting with 3 days (week 1) 4 days (week 2) 5 days (week 3), pending discussion and approval at the January BDM mentioned above.

Amendment 3 to Motion 1, proposed by Christophe Soligo

Replace current proposal 3 with the following two clauses and renumber accordingly:

  1. Working to contract and other forms of ASOS to begin as soon as possible;
  2. A marking & assessment boycott to start 1 December.

Amendment 4 to Motion 1, proposed by Christophe Soligo

Add a new final proposal (currently no. 8 or move before current point 5):

A call should go out asking all UCU members to resign from support roles at other institutions (e.g., PGT and UG external examiner roles). They should be encouraged to do so as soon as possible as their agreements may include notice periods.

Motion 2 on Industrial Action, proposed by Ilektra Christidi

UCL UCU notes:

  1. The need for escalating our struggle in response to the coordinated attack on our income and living conditions, by employers and the government.
  2. The encouraging rise of class struggle in several sectors and industries in Britain and all over Europe, which shows that real power lies with the workers.  
  3. The clear majority in favour of an enduring struggle across the sector, throughout this academic year, following the experience of last year’s disputes, which led to wide discussions amongst members about the vision and a winning strategy for the union.

UCL UCU believes:

  1. That the success of our struggle is not merely a matter of action days, key dates and tactical pressure, but primarily depends on:
  2. Our ability to organise the mobilisation and participation of the majority of our members, from across roles (academic, research, teaching, and academic-related/ professional services staff).
  3. The coordination with non-UCU university staff, with our students, and with workers of other sectors.
  4. The content and the orientation of the struggle, aligning our demands with the need for dignified living conditions and free education for all, against the devastating market models served by the policies of governments and the political parties who support them.

UCL UCU proposes:

  1. Sustained escalating action in local, regional and national level, combining as necessary strikes, ASOS, rallies and any other effective form of protest, to ensure continuity of our struggle, maximal impact to the employers and maximal mobilisation of our members. 
  2. Such action to be coordinated with other university staff unions and students, as well as unions of other sectors, including coordinated strike days.  
  3. Membership control of the organisation of our struggle and the decisions that need to be taken, by establishing branch General Meetings as the heart of the Union and its struggle, and empowering regular, decision-making reps meetings at the local, regional, and national level.

Amendment 1 to Motion 2, proposed by Ilektra Christidi

Add new 3 after 2 of “UCL UCU proposes:” and renumber

  1. Specifically, we are calling for coordinated demonstrations at the London region level starting from early November, and a rally or other protest activity on the UCL campus in coordination with students and other campus Unions, in preparation of the strike action.