UCL-UCU: Breaking News - UCL Students Back Strikes by 68.7%

23 November 2022

On the eve of our Strike Action we are happy to report that the UCL students have voted in favour of supporting our action!

The UCL Student Union Referendum on whether to support the strikes has returned a vote of 68.7%, 4,322 students in favour of supporting our action! This means the student union will support the strikes.

The results are as follows:

  • Support: 4,322 (68.7%)
  • Oppose:1,693 (26.9%)
  • Abstain: 275 (4.4%)

This is in addition to the National Union of Students supporting us: https://www.nus.org.uk/nus_uk_response_to_ucu_strikes_announcement

Students realise that our teaching conditions are their learning conditions, and the learning conditions of many future generations of students.They know it is teaching, research, and support staff that are the core of what makes the university what it is.

Please join us on the picket lines, only we can save Higher Education!


UCL UCU Executive



UCU Rising