UCL-UCU: Formal calling notice for UCL UCU Annual General Meeting - Wednesday 29 June 13:00-14:00

18 May 2022

This is a formal calling notice for the Annual General Meeting of UCL UCU which will be held on Wednesday 29 June from 13:00-14:00 (facilitated using Zoom conferencing).

If you wish to stand for election for a Branch Officer or Executive Committee member position, please email the Returning Officer when the call for nominations is circulated. You will need the support of a current member of the branch. Details for nomination to follow.

We strive for a wide representation of our diverse members in the elected bodies of the Union. Therefore, we especially welcome nominations of people from under-represented backgrounds.

The list of Branch Officer positions up for election is as follows (as per our local rules):

  • The president
  • The vice president
  • The treasurer
  • The secretary
  • The equality officer
  • The anti-casualisation officer
  • The communications officer
  • The health and safety officer
  • The environment officer
  • The postgraduate officer

Nominations will close on Tuesday 2 June at 17:30, 28 days before the AGM. Candidates will be invited to submit an election statement, 7 days after the nomination deadline. Election statements will be circulated to all members.

If you wish to submit a motion for debate at the AGM, please email ucu@ucl.ac.uk.

An agenda, draft minutes from the 2021 AGM, and details of the returning officer to whom to submit nominations for election will follow shortly.


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