‘AskUCU!’ stall, Thursday 15 December, 1-2pm - come and ask us something!

14 December 2022

Details of the final AskUCU! stall this term

We are holding our last ‘AskUCU!’ stall this term in the Engineering Building cafeteria this Thursday 15 December, 1-2pm.

Please come and find us there to get quick advice or if you are interested in joining UCU. 

AskUCU! stalls are intended to give members an opportunity to talk face to face with experienced Departmental Reps and members of the Executive Committee who will be on hand to (confidentially) answer queries about local and national issues as well as personal cases. We especially want to talk to members about recruitment and organising locally, so anyone considering becoming a Dept Rep please say hello!

Please come and say hello and  ‘AskUCU’ something!

UCL UCU Executive Committee



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