Strike report - day 4 (Mon 2 Mar)

3 March 2020

Monday 2 March was day 4 of our second phase of strikes at UCL.

Day 4 strike action

Picketing continued across the central UCL campus all morning, before some came together for a photo call outside the UCL Institute of Education. Colleagues commented that students seemed if anything increasingly supportive of the strike, with many stopping to talk.

We picket for a number of reasons: to call on colleagues to observe the strike, to demonstrate to senior management that we are resolute and firm in our support of our unions’ justified aims, and for mutual solidarity. Picketing is a visible protest, and not easy for management to dismiss. It is a chance to talk to students about the strike and a platform that allows us to mobilise demonstrations and lobbies, like today’s lobby of UCEA (below).

Picketing is also an opportunity to publicise what we are fighting for. Our pickets hand out a variety of leaflets and stickers to staff and students.

If you have not yet joined in the picketing, please do join colleagues this week as we enter a crucial phase of our dispute. If there is no rota organised for your own department please join us at the UCL Gower Street entrance.