Advice on lecture recordings plus invite to sign petition to UCL

7 August 2020

This message covers: class recordings under Covid-19, advice on your rights, and a petition on workers rights at UCL

Lecture Recordings

Colleagues have sought clarification on the current policy covering recordings they may make ‘asynchronous’ (pre-recorded) classes.

UCL have given us assurances that recordings of classes, including those made for Covid-19 purposes, may be deleted by the class teacher after 1 year.

We have proposed a new policy to UCL on online recordings. In the meantime, we strongly advise our members as follows:

  1. UCL have confirmed that you are not obliged (by UCL policy) to provide recordings (as opposed to online ‘live’ classes) for your teaching even under Covid-19 measures (existing “instructions” are in fact guidelines). 
  2. Where you wish to make recordings, you are under no obligation to use a specific platform, so long as you observe basic accessibility;
  3. Where possible, try to make class recordings using third party software and your own equipment, rather than UCL licensed platforms like Lecturecast, you can then upload these for students and you retain greater rights over them;
  4. You are not obliged to accept changes to your contract on lecture recordings;
  5. Your class teaching is considered your performance under law, and you are have rights over the use of this performance; 
  6. Under the GDPR, consent is necessary for all participants in a recording (including students if they are recorded) to its processing and use, and this consent may be reversed;
  7. Your consent must be (clearly) sought on how your class recordings are used, this includes staff who leave UCL;
  8. Do not individually agree to any contractual changes relating to your recording of your classes.

We are negotiating with UCL on matters of ownership, use, and licensing of these recordings, as per the motion passed at our EGM on July 1st, and we expect a statement on this soon.

By the current IPR policy, any recordings you make on Lecturecast systems on UCL premises may be regarded as coming under that policy, but this does not apply to recordings you might make at home. For example, that policy claims a right for UCL to use Lecturecast recordings after staff leave employment. We do not agree to that policy being extended to staff’s own recordings and many staff have told us that if it were to be extended they would simply not pre-record their lectures.

Petition on security, dignity, and democracy at UCL

At our AGM on the 22 July, a motion was passed to circulate a petition on workers rights and democracy at UCL. We encourage members to sign. The signatories for this are growing.