Reasons to vote #YesYes

7 October 2019

Our workloads are ruining our health

Workloads are ruining our health


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Reasons to vote #YesYes, part 2: our workloads are ruining our health.

Currently HE employs fewer and fewer people in increasingly insecure positions, working harder for less money.

HE staff work long days, in evenings and at weekends. The average working week is 50 hours (UCU workload survey 2018).

Staff typically balance multiple competing pressures: responsibilities to colleagues (including covering sick leave or vacant posts), to students (academic and pastoral support), administrative burdens (again increased with staff departures and / or absences) and onerous teaching and / or research targets.

This is unsustainable and damages people's physical and mental health.

In all employment sectors stress accounted for 40% of all work-related ill health and 49% of days lost due to ill health (Labour Force Survey 2016/17).

Please note: there are two ballots happening simultaneously:

  • pay/equality: to address workloads, insecurity, salaries, equality;
  • USS pensions.

We advise voting #YesYes on each.

Ballots close Wednesday 30 October.

Remember: for each ballot we need at least 50% of our members to vote, and >50% 'yes' votes to take any action.