National Pay Dispute – Ballot Opens – Get The Vote Out!

29 January 2019

UCU's National Ballot over Pay, Equality, Casualisation and Workload is open

Pay Ballot

UCU has launched its National Ballot over Pay, Equality, Casualisation and Workload. You should have received a ballot envelope through your door or at work.


  • University Employers' priorities have become buildings and campuses rather than staff. Our pay has been cut in real terms (by 15% in ten years).  'Staff costs' have been driven down to pay for 'Capital Expenditure', i.e. expansion plans like UCL East. Every university is competing with each other for students.
  • The struggle to defend our pay and pensions is a call to universities to value their staff, and to stand up nationally for our sector. Our amazing USS strikes were a clear signal that we are prepared to fight for our rights and defend the next generation of staff. 
  • Now we have another national ballot which we need to win. We have to show we are ready to fight over pay as well as pensions.

Please vote YES to strike and YES to action short of a strike.

But don't just vote yourself: ask your colleagues to vote. Join us in campaigning to Get The Vote Out. Last term members at UCL voted 88% to 12% to take ASOS. Over two-thirds voted to strike. But the turnout was 42%, below the new 50% turnout requirement to allow us to take action. This why the union is balloting members again and campaigning for as many members as possible to vote.

If you haven’t received or have lost your ballot paperwork you can request a replacement using this online form.