Local hardship fund claim form and guidance

The new claim form for 2022/23 strike action is now available

The 15 days of strike action called in 2022/23 were:

  1. Thursday 24th November 2022
  2. Friday 25th November
  3. Wednesday 30th November
  4. Wednesday 1 February 2023
  5. Thursday 9 February
  6. Friday 10 February 
  7. Tuesday 14 February
  8. Wednesday 15 February
  9. Thursday 16 February 
  10. Wednesday 15th March
  11. Thursday 16 March
  12. Friday 17 March 
  13.  Monday 20 March
  14. Tuesday 21 March
  15. Wednesday 22 March

The central UCU Fighting Fund covers days 2 to 12 (11 days total) of strike action (this is kept under review).  Our UCL UCU local Hardship Fund covers the days that the central UCU Fighting Fund does not cover (ie, the first day you took strike action, and the last three days if you took strike action on all 15 days)

Guidance on claiming from the UCL UCU local hardship fund

You can claim up to £75 per eligible day if you are paid less than £30k per annum, and up to £50 per day if you are paid more than £30k per annum.  You can also claim a discretionary exceptional hardship payment of £100 if you need to. 

We recommend that you first claim from the central UCU Fighting Fund, as you will be able to upload your remittance advice on our form which will help expedite your claim, but this is not a prerequisite.

Please note:

  • The claim application system is powered by software from Wufoo.com and that by making an application with the form you agree to Wufoo processing data on behalf of the UCL UCU and consent to UCL UCU processing data in connection with your application.
  • The online site uses a secure HTTPS connection which protects your data. However, you are advised not to use ‘public’ free wi-fi zones when making your application as these are not secure.
  • The information that we collect on the form is the minimum that we need to ensure that claimants are entitled to make a claim to the fund and will be kept for auditing purposes after which applications will be destroyed.
  • All claims are at the discretion of the union – UCL UCU reserves the right not to meet a claim if it is not satisfied about the eligibility of the claimant, the details of the claim itself or the supporting evidence.
  • If you need to contact us, please email us at ucu@ucl.ac.uk and include your membership number in the subject line and body of your email. Emails will be answered as quickly as possible.
  • You will need your bank details and payslips showing deductions for each day of strike action (not just the days you are claiming for)

Submit a claim to the UCL UCU Local Strike Fund

We aim to process all claims within 14-days of receiving the appropriate evidence.
Thank you for supporting our industrial action.
For any queries on this or any other union matter, please drop us a line at ucu@ucl.ac.uk