Advice on Reporting Your Strike Action November 2022

UCL UCU Advice on Reporting Your Strike Action

We would encourage members to report their days of strike action on the standard HR form or direct to your line manager if requested instead.

  • Please report days you have been on strike, but do not report Action Short of a Strike (ASOS), which is ongoing.
  • If you work part time, or are unsure simply email your departmental administrator.
  • The numbers of colleagues that are officially recorded as striking by UCL will make a difference to the assessment employers make of the action. Declaring days of strike shows we are big and determined.
  • It has also come to our attention that in some departments, colleagues are being asked to provide details of classes or other activities that have been missed due to strike action. We advise not acceding to this request, which we believe is unreasonable.
  • Any list of union members or strike participants held by UCL can only be used legally for very limited purposes. From what we have seen, this dataset lists events and not individuals, but it seems likely that individuals may be identified from it. We have raised this issue with UCL Human Resources and warned them that collecting this kind of data without very strict safeguards is unlikely to be lawful. Union reps are meeting HR next week.
  • In the meantime, we would note that the only information that colleagues are obliged to give to management concerning their strike action is the dates on which they have been on strike, and you only need to report that information after participating in strike action, to a manager if you are asked.


  1. Do not report ASOS.
  2. You are not actually obliged to use the UCL HR form (you could just respond to a manager when asked), but you can use it after you have taken strike action if it makes things easier.
  3. You are certainly not obliged to provide any details of modules and content that has been missed on any kind of central register.