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Dr Lidia Galdino awarded Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellowship

19 October 2018

Dr Lidia Galdino, Researcher in the Electronic and Electrical Engineering Department and members of ICCS has recently been awarded a Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellowship

Image of Dr Galdino in-front of laboratory equipment

Author  Navta Vij, TRANSNET Communications Manager

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Dr Lidia Galdino, co-investigator on the EPSRC TRANSNET Programme, has been awarded a prestigious Research Fellowship from the Royal Academy of Engineering. 

The Fellowship provides early-career researchers with five years’ worth of funding and mentorship, enabling them to develop independent careers in research and establish themselves as future leaders in their fields. Dr Galdino’s project focus will be “Capacity-Approaching, Ultra-Wideband Nonlinear Optical Fibre Transmission Systems”. 

Dr Galdino’s research fellowship aims to address the exponentially growing capacity demand in optical fibre communications by exploiting 50THz of optical fibre transmission bandwidth while fundamentally changing the process of signal generation and detection. 

On being awarded the fellowship Dr Galdino said:

I'm absolutely delighted to have been selected to hold one of the prestigious Royal Academy of Engineering's research fellowships. This is a highly competitive Fellowship and I couldn’t be more excited to become a RAEng Research fellow. I look forward to using this research independence to shape the future of optical communication systems. 


Biography of Dr Lidia Galdino

Lecturer and a Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellow
Dr Lidia Galdino received the M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in electronic and electrical engineering from the University of Campinas, Brazil, in 2008 and 2013, respectively. 

Dr Galdino commenced a lectureship and a Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellowship in September 2018 on the topic of "Capacity-approaching, Ultra-Wideband Nonlinear optical Fibre Transmission System", and a co-investigated in the EPSRC TRANSNET programme grant. She previously worked as a Senior Research Associate on the EPSRC UNLOC programme grant.

She is Associate Editor of Optical Fiber Technology and part of the Technical Programme Committee for IEEE Photonic Conference (IPC).

Dr Galdino was a co-recipient of the RAEng Colin Campbell Mitchell Award in 2015 for pioneering contributions to optical communications technology and named as one of the 2017 “Top 50 Women in Engineering under 35” by The Telegraph and Women in Engineering Society which features the U.K.’s top rising female stars of engineering.
Contact: l.galdino@ucl.ac.uk