DR-TB-IPD platform

The individual patient data platform for drug-resistant tuberculosis (DR-TB-IPD) is a shared platform and collaborative initiative to support the generation of reliable evidence on the treatment of drug-resistant TB to inform future tuberculosis treatment guidelines. It is supported by the WHO Global TB Programme and maintained by UCL-TB.

The purpose of the DR-TB-IPD is to facilitate pooling of individual patient data provided by researchers, or local or national tuberculosis programmes in the context of DR-TB treatment and facilitate policy update, development and public health research. 

Research groups may apply for access to some or all of the datasets, which will be supplied fully anonymised.  Access to the data will be governed by an Oversight Committee, representing the data owners. 

TThere is an existing set of data currently held at McGill University, which we aim to transfer here and expand with new data sets.  Details of the data we hold will be made available here in 2022.

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