UCL Centre for Systems Engineering


Delivering Complex Projects

In this course you will investigate the challenges of delivering complex projects with large teams, long timescales and multifaceted, evolving requirements.

Contents include:

  • Risk and estimation. The planning fallacy and the  conspiracy of optimism
  • Understanding stakeholders. The political environment. Working in a global environment
  • Managing the project team. Project roles and partitioning. Interfaces, responsibilities, hierarchy, communications. Building resilient project teams. Managing conflict within the project
  • Contracts (including subcontract) management. Financial management. Incentives, performance
  • Cost and schedule control

You will learn to apply skills including:

  • working effectively in small teams
  • analyzing data to extract key information
  • presenting results
  • decision making applying systems and strategic thinking

Subjects Covered:

  • The challenges of complex projects
  • Understanding stakeholders and managing evolving requirements
  • The political environment
  • Working in a global environment
  • Project roles and partitioning
  • Interfaces and responsibilities
  • Integrating systems engineering and project management
  • Hierarchy and communications
  • Managing conflict with the customer
  • Managing conflict within the team
  • Managing conflict with other stakeholders
  • Contracts (including subcontract) management
  • Financial management
  • Use of incentives
  • Earned value and technical progress monitoring
  • Reviews
  • The planning fallacy and the conspiracy of optimism
  • Building resilient projects