Surgical Robot Vision Research Group


Mirek Janatka

Mirek Janatka holds a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering, where he focused on robotics for biomechanical study of human body motion from Brunel University London, and a Master of Research degree in Medical Robotics and Image Guided Intervention from Imperial College London. During his master's degree, he primarily focused on coarse surface reconstruction of smooth featureless organ surfaces, by designing and implementing a laparoscopic structure light system, to assist in surface registration for Augmented Reality in the da Vinci surgical system. Additionally, he developed an organ phantom that could be imaged by different medical imaging modalities (CT/ultrasound/endoscope), which allowed for performance assessment of the surface registration methodology.

Following his Master's, Mirek joined the Surgical Robot Vision Research Group in CMIC and the Department of Computer Science at UCL as a PhD student, to investigate the application of video motion magnification to surgical video, to help localise blood vessels and avert damage. He has published work in both MICCAI and SPIE Medical Imaging conferences. In addition to his research topic, he has assisted in other ongoing projects within the group with organ phantom creation, HoloLens app development, opto-mechanical design and clinical data acquisition, as well as public outreach events that has showcased surgical vision research to the greater public.

Mirek has worked with various start-up, focused on utilising smart phone cameras and displays as visual aids and holds a patent for a phone case adaptor for mobile otoscopy, which allows for ear inspection and cleaning in the greater community and the developing world, where it is not easily obtainable. He has interned at Tesla Engineering as a Robotics Project Engineer, working on the automation of medical device manufacturing, and the Centre for Machine Perception at the Czech Technical University in Prague, as a visiting student.

Mirek has assisted in teaching within the Department of Computer Science in the following modules: Industrial Applications of Computer Science, Object-Oriented Programming and Computational Photography (with lecturing).