Surgical Robot Vision Research Group


Francisco Vasconcelos

I am a Lecturer in Robotics and Computation in the Department of Computer Science, since 2019, and also a part of the Wellcome / EPSRC Centre for Surgical and Interventional Sciences (WEISS).

I graduated from the University of Porto, Portugal, in 2009 and obtained my PhD degree from the University of Coimbra, Portugal, in 2016 while working on calibration of multi-sensor and multi-camera platforms.

I joined UCL and the Surgical Robot Vision Research Group in 2015 as a Research Associate to work on GIFT-Surg, a 7-year project to develop guided instrumentation for fetal therapy and surgery in collaboration with King’s College London and KU Leuven.

My currently active research focuses on the application of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision to the analysis of medical and surgical data, with most emphasis on geometric vision modelling for 3D reconstruction, sensor localisation, and motion estimation. Topics include:

  • Interactive guidance and skills assessment during obstetric ultrasound training
  • Instrument localisation and anatomy reconstruction from surgical video with emphasis on robotic surgery and fetoscopy
  • Deep learning for surgical video analysis, including semantic segmentation and detection of surgical phases/events
  • Sensor localisation and calibration in robotic platforms.

I am also the module lead for Robotic Control Theory and Computation (COMP0128) from the MSc in Robotics and Computation – Department of Computer Science.