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Workshop Report: The skills agenda for vaccine manufacturing

This workshop report identifies the key gaps in vaccine manufacturing skills development opportunities in LMICs and how the Vax-Hub can contribute to local manufacturing efforts.

On 30 May 2022, the Future Vaccine Manufacturing Research Hub (the ‘Vax-Hub) held an online sandpit workshop to discuss the skills agenda for vaccine manufacturing. The workshop brought together the Vax-Hub team with a range of national and international stakeholders involved in vaccine development, manufacturing, delivery, and policy. 

Key points

  1. In order to achieve the ambitions to increase global vaccine manufacturing capacity and conduct successful technology transfer, especially in LMICs, concerted efforts are required to train a new workforce of highly skilled bioprocessing specialists.
  2. There are skills shortages in a range of different vaccine manufacturing activities covering the entire value-chain for vaccine manufacturing ranging from vaccine discovery to logistics, production and quality control.
  3. Organisations such as the Vax-Hub could play a valuable role in providing additional training capacity, especially in new and innovative processes, but coordination with existing networks and manufacturers to identify gaps where training opportunities are lacking is vital. 

Download the The skills agenda for vaccine manufacturing report [PDF]


EPSRC and the Department of Health and Social Care

Lead researchers

Professor Martina Micheletti (UCL Biochemical Engineering) and Professor Sarah Gilbert (University of Oxford Pandemic Sciences Institute)

Output type

Workshop report

PIU lead

Dr Penny Carmichael