UCL Department of Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy


Honorary staff

Use the links below to contact our honorary staff.
Dr Khalid BombaHonorary Professor of Practicek.bomba.16@ucl.ac.uk
Tracey Brown OBEHonorary Professorucqntbr@ucl.ac.uk
Stephen ElderkinHonorary Professor of Practice


Dr Miles ElsdenHonorary Professorm.elsden@ucl.ac.uk
Professor Sir Peter GluckmannHonorary Professor 
Professor Sir Robin GrimesHonorary Professor 
Professor David HornsbyHonorary Professord.hornsby@ucl.ac.uk
Professor Kira MatusHonorary Professorkira.matus@ucl.ac.uk
Dr Sarah MainHonorary Professors.main@ucl.ac.uk
Dr James PhillipsHonorary Senior Research Fellow 
Professor Roger Pielke Jr.Honorary Professor 
Dr Veronica RanieriHonorary Senior Research Fellowv.ranieri@ucl.ac.uk
Professor Smita SrinivasHonorary Professor 
Dr Pablo SuarezHonorary Associate Professor 
Dr Youba SokonaHonorary Professor of Practice 
Dr Tuuka ToivonenHonorary Associate Professort.toivonen@ucl.ac.uk
Professor Kevin UramaHonorary Professor of Practice