UCL Department of Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy


Doctoral candidates

Use the links below to view our doctoral candidates

Nishant Anand - PhD candidate
Lise Andersen - PhD candidate
Luke Bevan - PhD candidate
Khalid Bomba - PhD candidate
Nicolas Carlier - PhD candidate
Weijia Ding - PhD candidate
Armela Dino - DPA candidate
Wafa Elahi - PhD candidate
Yasmina El Amine - PhD candidate
Zoe Henderson - PhD candidate
Anina Henggeler - PhD candidate
Mai Idris - PhD candidate
Muhamad Jazuli - PhD candidate
Andreas Kopp - PhD candidate
Yuna Lee - PhD candidate 
Laurent Lioté - PhD candidate
Divyam Nagpal - DPA candidate
Sriven Naidu - DPA Candidate
Oliver Nash - DPA candidate, STEaPP/Institute of Global Prosperity
Kostas Nikolopoulous - PhD candidate
Yiying Qian - PhD candidate
Yusef Paolo Rabiah - PhD candidate
Robi Redda - DPA candidate
Henriette Ruhrmann - PhD candidate
George Salter - PhD candidate
Joanna Sawkins - PhD candidate
Emilia Smeds - PhD candidate
Anton Spisak - PhD candidate
Lucas Somavilla - PhD candidate, UCL STEaPP/ Institute of Global Prosperity; Research Assistant, Deltas' Dealings with Uncertainty (DoUbT)
Harold Villalba Castrillon - PhD candidate
Jeremy Webb - PhD candidate
Stefan Wolf Stärtzel - PhD candidate
Remy Twiringiyimana - PhD candidate
Zhan Xu - PhD candidate
Penlope Yaguma - PhD candidate
Lydia Zemke - PhD candidate
Wanhao Zhang - PhD candidate
Shirah Zirabamuzale - PhD candidate


Dr Enora Robin PhD
Dr Michael Veale PhD
Dr Asaf Tzachor DPA