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STEaPP welcomes The Conversation team to UCL

10 June 2019

The Conversation

STEaPP welcomes The Conversation, a team of journalists, to UCL and our offices.  

The Conversation is an independent source of news and views, providing analysis, research and news entirely sourced from the global academic and research community.

Head of Department, Joanna Chataway, commented that  STEaPP and The Conversation have a similar goal of “working to promote evidence-informed discussion and engagement between academics and the policy community”.   

As a non-profit organisation The Conversation provides balanced, independent and expert journalism by focusing on fact-checking, informed explanations and problem-solving, sparking thought and discussion on topics from climate change to consumer behaviour. The project is supported by 80 member universities across the UK, Ireland and Europe, including UCL. 

Michael Parker, The Conversation’s Membership Editor, said: “UCL was one of The Conversation’s original founding partners back in 2013. We’re delighted to be hosted by such a long-term supporter of the project, and by a department from which we can no doubt learn a lot on how to reach important policy audiences.”

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