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Racha Mourtada

Racha graduated from our Digital Technologies and Policy MPA. She has recently completed a contract at GSMA as a Senior Advocacy Manager (maternity cover).

Racha Mourtada, STEaPP alumni
What attracted you to the Department of STEaPP at UCL?

It was one of the few departments that I found throughout my research of universities that had an MPA programme with a focus on digital and tech policy.  

What was your favourite aspect of your course?

The course was delivered entirely online due to the COVID pandemic, so many aspects of the in-person experience were lacking, but the professors did a great job adapting. I particularly enjoyed the Gender and Technology course delivered by Dr. Leonie Tanczer.

What did you enjoy most about studying in London?

Well, the course started at the height of Covid and the lockdowns, so it wasn't the ideal time to enjoy London! But luckily the parks were a great place to be socially distanced and get some required reading done.

Please provide your current job title and the name of your organisation

I have just completed a contract working as a Senior Advocacy Manager, Digital Inclusion for GSMA (maternity cover).

Please provide a brief summary of your role and the skills that you use

My role involved advocating for the digital inclusion of unconnected communities in low- and middle-income countries. My tasks largely included inputting into national digital transformation policies and strategies engaging with stakeholders such as governments and mobile operators, and developing and delivering capacity building courses in various areas such as addressing the digital divide and improving digital literacy.

How has your degree at STEaPP shaped your experiences since leaving UCL?

I had been working in digital policy for a long time and stepped away for a while to set up my own social enterprise, a children's book publishing house. The MPA in Digital Technologies and Policy helped me get my foot back in the door and get up to speed on the changing landscape of emerging technologies.

What advice would you give to current or prospective students?

Having done a course completely online, I would say take advantage of all the in-person activities, networking events and talks; socialise with fellow students; try to get the full experience beyond just the academics...and start job-hunting early! 

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