Raise an Estates service request

UCL Estates offer a wide range of services including: building maintenance, mechanical work, plumbing, carpentry, handymen work, electrical work, cleaning, portering, pest control and waste disposal. Raise a service request to book these services.

Before you start

You will need: 

  • Your UCL username and password   
  • UCL building name  
  • Floor level 
  • Room number (if applicable) 

If this request is for new work (i.e. not maintenance of the existing facility), you’ll need to raise an online IDT with an initial value of £25.00 and provide the IDT number on your request form.

To raise a building issue or to request help from the Estates team: 

Fill in a service request form, making sure that you include all the details requested above.

The Estates customer team will process your report within 24 hours and send you a unique job reference number.