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Photoelectrocatalytic Nitrogen Reduction

Photoelectrocatalytic Nitrogen Reduction

Ammonia is an important industrial precursor for fertilisers and many household chemicals; however, the reduction of nitrogen via the Haber Bosch process (HBP) accounts for more than 1% of the world's energy due to the requirements of both elevated temperatures (300-500 °C) and pressures (150-200 atm). These strenuous conditions aids in the reaction kinetics and shifts the reaction equilibrium although lead to substantial quantities of CO2 being emitted. Alternative methods include the use of photoelectrochemistry. 

This project aims to investigate the utilisation of photoelectrochemistry to facilitate the reduction of nitrogen at ambient conditions. Additionally, the development of future catalyst technologies for ammonia synthesis will be undertaken. The catalytic yield, selectivity and efficiency of the prepared photoelectrocatalysts will be investigated employing various spectroscopies and advanced materials characterisation.