Solar Energy & Advanced Materials Research Group


New Paper in Nature Communications: Generating Green Hydrogen with a Record Efficiency

14 January 2022

A new paper by Hui Wang et al. just published in Nature Communications.


Our new paper on the investigation of single-atom Cu anchored catalysts for photocatalytic renewable H2 production with an extraordinarily high quantum efficiency just published in Nature Commun.! Big congratulations to Hui!

Single-atom catalysts anchoring offers a desirable pathway for efficiency maximization and cost-saving for photocatalytic hydrogen evolution. However, the single-atoms loading amount is always within 0.5% in most of the reported due to the agglomeration at higher loading concentrations. In this work, the highly dispersed and large loading amount (>1wt%) of copper single-atoms were achieved on TiO2, exhibiting the H2 evolution rate of 101.7 mmolg1h1 under simulated solar light irradiation, which is higher than other photocatalysts reported, in addition to the excellent stability as proved after storing 380 days. More importantly, it exhibits an apparent quantum efficiency of 56% at 365nm, a significant breakthrough in this field. The highly dispersed and large amount of Cu single-atoms incorporation on TiO2 enables the efficient electron transfer via Cu2+-Cu+ process. The present approach paves the way to design advanced materials for remarkable photocatalytic activity and durability.