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New Paper in Nanoscale

10 May 2020

A new paper by Hui et al. just published in Nanoscale.

A new paper by Hui et al. just published in Nanoscale: Ru and RuOx decorated carbon nitride for efficient ammonia photosynthesis.

Photocatalytic ammonia synthesis is a promising strategy for sustainable development compared with the energy-intensive industrial Haber-Bosch approach. Herein, a ternary heterostructure that consists of ruthenium species and carbon nitride (C3N4) was rationally explored for ammonia photosynthesis. Compared to the small amount of ammonia yield from g-C3N4 and Ru/g-C3N4 system, Ru/RuO2/g-C3N4 system represents 6 times higher activity with excellent stability under full-spectrum irradiation. Such an enhancement is not only due to efficient transfer of electrons and holes to Ru and RuO2, respectively, facilitating both reduction and oxidation reaction, but also take advantage of Ru for N≡N activation.